sw.Formosa Honey Black Tea

Taiwan black tea - the young leaves are nibbled at by small
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The Hualien district located at the eastern coast of Taiwan is home of this speciality: Honey Black. It is mainly produced during the summer months when the young leaves are nibbled at by small grasshoppers, which leads the leaves to stop their growth and to curl. At the same time, the salivary juice of the grasshoppers initiates a reaction with the plant juices, yielding a slightly honey-like flavour.

A result that is responsible for the name as well as the wonderful taste. A very well-worked leaf with longish, dark brown leaves and some coppercoloured tips, slightly curled. The strong, brass-coloured, shining cup unfolds a scent that reminds of Oolong. The floral notes with a hint of honey and some malty aromas will pamper your taste buds.

A fantastic tea!

Ingredients: black tea

 3-5 minutes brewing time
 100 °C water temperature
 4-5 heaped tsp./1 litre
Art. 1410-D.22831