Grimms mulled wine liqueur - handpicked

Made by hand with natural, fine ingredients...
after over 100-year-old Burgdorf recipe - as a liqueur,
Mulled wine or enjoy dessert
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5 Lt
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...made very carefully by hand in our own production according to a 
Burgdorf recipe that is over 100 years old with selected, rich,
valuable ingredients... production We place fine powdered spices in a glass jar filled with alcohol.
The spices naturally release their aroma into the alcohol. This is
how our unique spice elixir is created over a longer period of time
(storage), We then select the right red wine that has the right soil, fruit
notes or acidity, which are required for the production of Grimms
Mulled Wine Liqueur. We complement the wine with brandy, grappa,
rum, Grand Manner and sugar, before our Elixir spice gives the
drink its final tasteful touch. The finished liqueur has
around 16 - 18 vol% Protection of minors: Grimms mulled wine liqueur may only be purchased
or consumed from the age of 18 Preparations as mulled wine Add 1/3 of Grimm's mulled wine liqueur to 2/3 of boiling water
and add fresh citrus fruits (cut into slices) as desired. It's that simple and the mulled wine is ready to drink!
As a liqueur Heat Grimm's mulled wine liqueur pure to around 70 degrees and pour into small 1dl cups (preheated) Add whipped cream on top and Sprinkle the cream with a touch of cinnamon It's an advantage to enjoy the drink at home,
because the desire for more cups usually increases when you
drink it ;)...
Explanation We sell our liqueur in 7.5dl or 5 liter containers - without
a bottle deposit. For larger needs (gastronomy, clubs, markets...), please inquire
about prices separately. Art. 9800-G